You grew up

I am still mom Mamma x2 You were my newborn, toddler, schoolboy and wonderful young lad Now you’re an adult A massive one at that I would always “ Lie by you at bedtime... " we’d giggle I’d read you tales You’d tell me stories We’d talk about the vastness of space and God's incredible creation especially the Spoonbills, the Rhinos, the dolphins and the turtles You had an endless list of questions about superheroes- you were going to be one someday I never worried because I prayed fervently Contending with those who would be harsh towards you you have favor and goodness on your life  Your ball skills were and still are a talent At times you thought you were a fast fish... You are a superhero. A very tall one  Your kindness is more powerful than your biggest bicep flex  Your hugs are the best!  I used you as my companion when Dad was abroad I always had company during the school holidays Both of you are entertainers and have superb conversation craft You learnt fro

Thank you Middle Years Team

A mosaic is a creation of colour shape and endless possibilities. Well, the 11 months of landing the Middle Years of Elim Christian College has been just that! So with a washing machine of thoughts and a heart full of thankfulness, here is my unstructured poem and prose. Compressed and stretched we have been Concerned comments we have seen. Exams saw new schedules, venues and serious conversations  Finding our feet and scrambling out from under the proverbial TERM 4 bus of difficulty was made easier with willing hands and hearts keen to serve. At Elim Christian College the fragrance of Christ lingers long after those who serve are applauded.  Dare I list all those who have contributed to a bumper term in the Middle Years program? Like the words in the song ‘ I want to be a nobody who makes somebody encourage everybody...’  Yes I will... Jeanne and Robyn your organization for SAC’s of Y9/10 exams.  Christine Earl your measured reassurance has built our con

NOT just an English teacher

New Year- same goals and refreshed hopes...BUT almost toppled on day one. Almost toppled- My thoughts : In a changing school environment that seemingly embraces new technology and strives to be a growth mindset organization, I am gobsmacked that other professionals and sometimes colleagues refer to me as 'just an English teacher' or  "you who uses too many words...". REALLY? I am a mother with experience...of nutrition, allergies, love, life, survival, heartache, death, sports performance...But I guess at school those are all unseen skills. I am a wife of a production engineer who talks and explains energy footprint, Cadmium, Mercury Telluride, lithography systems, spatial dimensions, practical "commonsense" solutions to vacuum sealing, wire bonding and Oscillator systems and production. I am an aging athlete who loves exercise, from pilates to walking, running and a new found sport- Surf-Ski paddling. btw, The brace stroke is the most important action

I can not spit the dummy

In a week of conversations about stereotypes and the power of voices, it is very clear that teachers can not " spit the dummy ."! My reasons: 1. I am  accountable to future citizens for behavour, responses and respectability 2. I will think before I use my words to express when and why I am totally irritated 3. My pay scale implicitly expects better behavior- the masses ( classes) are watching me. Besides my students do not pay to watch me perform. Their parents' trust that what I have planned for the day is most valuable and mildly entertaining.  My opinion is that dramatic emotional outbursts are the domain of millionaires and those armchair critics who support entertainment in sport. This image was circulated today- love it! thank you Matt Miller

The three A’s

Affirmations Monday morning tea was in the English workroom. It was my birthday. Colleagues had taken the time to bring a few healthy snacks and we sat in a circle while one by one they each shared a few lines affirming me as their colleague and friend. A tradition. Oh, my heart! Those words from each of you are soul food.  I often hear "good for the soul". I wonder what that really looks like for each individual I know. It had been the school ball on the weekend, I got to wear my expensive dress again, I’ve gained weight since I last wore it...argghh...must conquer this emotional eating habit and stick to the exercise and SLEEP plan. The ' postballphotobuzz ' is fascinating as each student sees and squeals at their photo. Admittedly I'm just like a student in that way. But I ... I miss my family in South Africa especially much on celebration days...those traditions, seeing my Mum and Dad's handwritten cards and reading his few poetic lines. Facebook fil

Metaphors on Mothers Day

My posts are mostly about things that inspire or challenge me, always something ‘in the moment’ to encourage you- my readers. This photo is just that -a collection of little gifts; metaphors for growth.  This post is also a tribute to my beautiful Mother Avrille Yvonne Grant( née Schroder) and partly to thank 3 beautiful young, vibrant girls who spoke on stage at Elim Christian Centre on mother’s day. The theme of growth sits here: in fact this  ‘mature tree’  has been uprooted, bent, snapped, mocked, excluded, falsely accused, bits broken off, bits have died BUT new shoots have sprung up- this ‘ mature tree’  has experienced kindness, invitations, nourishment, perfumed words of promise that drew out potential, the tender care of a gardener, the watering of friendship and sisterhood, and her roots have gone deep, deep down and now she provides rest, refreshment, shade and nourishment for many in this beautiful Oasis called Elim, in a community of determined passionate people and lea

Crazy busy?

It’s the last Tuesday in October. I’m sitting on one of the benches facing the main quad area; catching up with a colleague to finish off a section in the performance appraisal documentation. Should have been in the library but that room was as cold as a fridge - a student had turned the air conditioner down to 17degrees. Prank. Freezing. The department budget gets discussed so that the final proposal can be agreed on before submission. Must be in by Friday...Then we discuss the new additions to the stationery list- must confirm with all appropriate teachers as these lists must be formalised by Friday...The seniors leave on Friday... at that point what looked like a flash mob was coming our way...silly senior student prank. They have an idea to baptise a teacher in the nearby stream. Really! No. Quick thinking as the centipede of legs...looks like half the school, are oozing out the side gate.  “ stop, this is not a good idea”. “ aw cu’ on..”. “ it’s a leavin* prank”. “This is a Teache